Les 1000 mots les plus utilisés en anglais

Si je vous disais qu’il vous suffit d’apprendre 1000 mots pour comprendre la quasi intégralité de la langue anglaise vous serez peut-être surpris, étonné, voire sceptique.

Pourtant c’est bien la vérité !

Cette liste de 1000 mots, essentielle pour les débutants (et utile pour les autres) existe bel et bien et elle couvre une large majorité de l’anglais écrit ou oral.

Alors si vous voulez profiter de cette liste pour apprendre l’anglais facilement lisez les lignes ci-dessous !

The General Service List : le vocabulaire le plus courant en anglais


En 1953, Michael West publie une liste de 2000 mots d’anglais.

Cette liste qui va prendre le nom de « General Service List », contient les mots les plus utilisés de la langue anglaise.

Elle couvre entre 85 % et 95 % du langage anglais écrit et parlé.

Ces mots sont donc très importants, ils sont, en quelque sorte, les piliers de la langue anglaise.

À noter que cette liste ne comprend que des « headwords » c’est-à-dire des mots racines. Par exemple elle comprend le mot « nation » mais ne mentionne pas ses variantes (national, nationalised, nationality).

C’est la même chose pour le verbe « be » contenu dans la liste, il faut également apprendre les formes conjuguées (am, is, are, was, were).

La raison est simple : en connaissant le mot racine, vous pouvez deviner la signification des variantes. C’est pour qu’elle se focalise sur les « headwords ».

Néanmoins, cette liste est un atout indéniable pour apprendre l’anglais.

Ci-dessous, vous trouverez la liste des 1000 mots (par ordre alphabétique) de la General Service List, c’est-à-dire les 1000 mots les plus utilisés dans la langue anglaise.

Petite précision : la liste ci-dessous n’est pas la liste originale mais une liste plus récente, mise à jour et comprenant les mots les plus couramment utilisés de nos jours.

Sans être exhaustive, cette liste de 1000 mots va vous donner un avantage considérable pour améliorer votre niveau d’anglais et votre compréhension globale.

a dry lose school
ability due loss science
able during lot sea
about dust love search
above duty low season
accept each machine seat
accord early main second
account earth make secret
across east man secretary
act easy manage see
action eat manner seem
active edge manufacture sell
actual education many send
add effect mark sense
address effective market separate
admit effort marriage serious
advance either marry serve
advantage election mass service
affair electric master set
after else match settle
afternoon employ material several
again employee matter shake
against encourage may shall
age end maybe shape
agency enemy mean share
ago engineer measure sharp
agree english medical she
ahead enjoy meet shelter
air enough member ship
all enter memory shoot
allow entire mention shop
almost equal mere short
alone escape middle should
along especially might shoulder
already essential mile show
also even mind side
although evening minute sight
always event miss sign
among ever model signal
amount every modern simple
and everyone moment since
animal everything money sing
another exact month single
answer examine moral sit
any example more situation
anyone except morning size
anything excite most skill
appear exercise mother sleep
apply exist motor slight
approve existence mountain slow
argue expect mouth small
arm expense move smile
army experience much so
around experiment murder social
arrange explain music society
arrive express must soft
art extend name soldier
article extent nation solid
as extreme nature some
ask eye near someone
association face necessary something
at fact need sometimes
attack fail neither son
attempt fair never song
attend faith new soon
attention fall news sort
audience fame newspaper sound
average familiar next south
avoid family night space
away far no speak
back farm none special
bad fast nor speed
balance father north spend
ball favor not spirit
bank fear note spot
bar feed nothing spread
base feel notice spring
basic few now square
basis field number staff
battle fight object stage
be figure observe stand
bear fill occasion standard
beat film of start
beauty find off state
because fine offer station
become finger office stay
bed finish officer step
before fire official stick
begin firm often still
behavior first oil stock
behind fit old stop
believe fix on store
below floor once story
best flow one straight
better fly only strange
between follow open street
beyond food operate strength
big foot operation strike
bill for opinion strong
bit force opportunity student
black foreign or study
block forget order subject
blood form organize success
blue former origin such
board forward other sudden
boat frame out suffer
body free outside suggest
book freedom over suit
both frequent own summer
bottle friend page sun
bottom from pain supply
boy front paint support
break full paper suppose
bridge further parent sure
bright future park surface
bring gain part surprise
broad game particular system
brother garden party table
build gas pass take
burn general past talk
business get patient tax
but girl pattern teach
buy give pay telephone
by glass peace tell
call go people temperature
camp god per tend
can good perfect term
capital govern perform test
captain governor performance than
car great perhaps that
care green permit the
carry ground person then
case group pick there
catch grow picture therefore
cattle growth piece these
cause guest place they
cent gun plan thick
center hair plant thin
century half play thing
certain hall please think
chance hand poem this
change handle poet those
character hang point though
charge happen police through
check happy political throw
chief hard pool thus
child hardly poor time
choice have popular title
choose he population to
church head position today
circle health possible together
citizen hear post too
city heart pound tooth
claim heat power top
class heavy practical total
clean help practice touch
clear here prepare toward
close high present town
clothe hill president trade
club history press train
coat hit pressure travel
cold hold pretty treat
college hole prevent tree
color home price trial
combine honor private trip
come hope probable trouble
comfort horse problem true
command hospital produce truth
committee hot product try
common hotel production turn
company hour profession type
compare house program under
complete how progress understand
compose however promise union
concern human proper unit
condition husband property unite
conscious I propose university
consider idea prove unless
contain ideal provide until
continue if public up
control imagine pull upon
cool immediate pure use
corner importance purpose usual
cost important push value
could improve put various
council in quality very
count inch question view
country include quick visit
course increase quiet voice
court indeed quite vote
cover industry race wage
critic influence radio wait
cross inform raise walk
crowd inside rapid wall
cry instead rate want
current interest rather war
cut international reach warm
daily into read wash
dance island ready watch
danger it real water
dark join realize wave
date judge reason way
day just reasonable we
dead justice receive weak
deal keep recent weapon
death kill recognize wear
decide kind recommend week
decision king record weight
declare kitchen red well
deep know reduce west
defense knowledge refer western
degree lack reflect what
demand lady refuse whatever
department land regard when
depend language regular where
dependent large relate whether
describe last relation which
desire late relative while
destroy latter religion white
detail laugh remain who
determine law remark whole
develop lay remember why
die lead repeat wide
difference learn replace wife
different least reply will
difficult leave report win
difficulty left represent wind
dinner leg representative window
direct length respect wine
direction less responsible wish
director let rest with
discover letter result within
discuss level return without
discussion lie ride woman
distance life right wonder
district light rise word
division like river work
do likely road world
doctor limit rock worry
dog line roll worth
dollar list room would
door listen round write
doubt literature rule wrong
down little run yard
draw live sale year
dream load same yes
dress local sample yet
drink lock save you
drive long say young
drop look scene youth

Si vous êtes débutants en anglais, vous n’avez plus qu’à apprendre petit à petit cette liste.

Pour les autres, n’hésitez pas à vérifier que vous connaissez la totalité de ces mots.

Enfin, ces 1000 mots étant présentés sous forme de liste, vous pouvez en faire vous-même des petits MP3 que vous pourrez écouter dans toute situation comme je vous l’explique dans l’article apprendre l’anglais en voiture.

Pensiez-vous que 1000 mots suffisaient pour vous faire comprendre la quasi-totalité de l’anglais ?

Répondez-moi dans les commentaires justes en dessous.


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